Atlantic Immigration Pilot Immigration Program (AIPP):Update

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

AIPP is a totally different program and not linked with Express Entry – Not a Point System.

It is a partnership between the Government of Canada and the 4 Atlantic Provinces.

  1. 1.New Brunswick                     3.Newfoundland and Labrador
  2. 2.Nova Scotia                           4.Prince Edward Island


You can be living abroad or be in Canada temporarily. YOU MUST HAVE A JOB OFFER BEFORE YOU APPLY. If you and the Employer meets the requirements, You’ll get the permanent resident status.

  • Provincial Government Processing Fee : Around CAD $ 1000.
  • Processing Time:  Around 6 Months.


  • Employers can hire 1 of 3 programs in the Atlantic immigration Pilot Program. You may be eligible for more than one program but you apply through one program.
  • Work Experience: At least 1,560 hours in the last 3 years (Min. 30 hrs per week in a year)
  • NOC Level: 0,A,B,C
  • Education:ECA Required.
  • Language: CLB 4 or higher   i.e., Listening: 4.5, Reading: 3.5, Writing: 4.0, Speaking: 4.0


For 1 Person: CAD $3,118 is required, Comparing to the Express Entry Fund requirements it is very less.

For 2 Person : CAD $3,882

For 3 Person: CAD $4,773

Settlement Plan: Required (Expressway will help you to prepare the letter)

About the pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot helps you hire qualified candidates for jobs you haven’t been able to fill locally. These candidates can be overseas or living in Canada temporarily.

There are 3 programs you can use to hire someone:

  • Atlantic International Graduate Program
  • Atlantic High-skilled Program
  • Atlantic Intermediate-skilled Program

Each program has requirements that you and the candidate must meet.

Before you make a job offer, you must be designated by the provincial government of the Atlantic province where the candidate will be working.

Once you make a job offer, you and the candidate will work through several steps. If you and the candidate meet all the requirements, the candidate gets permanent resident status in Canada.

Hire through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot: get designated

About designation (Requirement for Employer)

Before you can make a job offer and hire a candidate, you must be designated by the provincial government of the Atlantic province where the candidate will be working.

Being “designated” means you can offer jobs under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. The provinces handle designation.

To be designated, your organization must:

  • be in good standing
  • have been operating in the Atlantic region for at least 2 years
  • work with a settlement service provider organization to help your candidates get settlement services

If you meet these criteria, you can apply to the province to become designated.

In order to qualify for the temporary work permit, you should:

  • have a job offer in an Atlantic province from a designated employer;
  • have a full-time job offer which is not seasonal;
  • have a Referral Letter