Canada Immigration News:Why has the Express Entry CRS cut-off gone up?

Canada Immigration News

The all-program Express Entry draws that took place in September in October witnessed a steady, though marginal, decrease in the number of points that candidates need in order to be invited, from 475 in early September to 471 in mid-October.

The fact that the CRS cut-off has notched up to 478 in the November 5 Express Entry draw ends that trend for now, but there are a couple of clear reasons why the CRS cut-off has gone up.

First, there was a 22-day gap between the November 5 draw and the preceding draw, eight days long than usual. This longer gap between Express Entry draws allows more candidates to enter the pool, plus candidates already in the pool have the opportunity to increase their score.

Second, and somewhat connected to that previous point above, candidates in the pool with proven French ability will have benefited from a bounce in their points total, thanks to a recent change to the CRS introduced in late October.

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