Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan: 2021-2023

Over the next 3 years, Canada will seek to welcome over 1.2 million new immigrants. 

Canada is going big on immigration — more than 400,000 new permanent residents per year — despite the ongoing corona virus pandemic.

Canada is planning to welcome 1,233,000 new permanent residents over the next three years in an effort to use immigration to fuel an economic recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 and balance the potentially negative fiscal impacts shaped by Canada’s aging population and low birth rate.

On October 30, 2020, the federal government of Canada announced its 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan. The announcement comes as a part of the 2020 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration.

2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan
Year Projected Admissions – Targets
2021 401,000
2022 411,000
2023 421,000

According to the statement by Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Marco E. L. Mendicino in the Annual Report, “Canada continues to be a safe and welcoming destination for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Immigrants enrich Canada beyond measure …Newcomers bring their heritage and culture, but also their talent, ideas and perspectives.”

In 2021, IRCC will target the arrival of 401,000 immigrants. In 2022, this will rise to 411,000 new permanent residents (PRs). In 2023, Canada will aim to welcome an additional 421,000 immigrants. The following table summarizes Canada’s immigration targets between 2021-2023 by immigration class:

Immigration Class 2021 2022 2023
Economic 232,500 241,500 249,500
Family 103,500 103,500 104,500
Refugee 59,500 60,500 61,000
Humanitarian 5,500 5,500 6,000
Total 401,000 411,000 421,000

4 key takeaways from the new Canadian Immigration Levels Plan

1 — The plan is the most ambitious in Canadian history.

2 — The majority of new permanent residents will come through economic pathways.

Nearly 60 percent of new permanent residents will come through economic immigration pathways that prioritise skilled workers and their families.

3 — Targets for family sponsorship immigration have increased.

4 — Higher targets for refugees and asylum seekers


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