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    Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

    Nova Scotia has been welcoming people from around the world for centuries. Immigrants have helped make Nova Scotia a vibrant, dynamic society in which everyone can build their dreams. Over 900,000 people call Nova Scotia home, and we have room to breathe and room to grow.

    Located at the south-eastern coast of the Canadian island, Nova Scotia is the hub of service sector, health care and education being the top territory jobs. The province is unique in itself due to the diversity in its length and breadth. The name Nova Scotia is Latin for New Scotland, where official language is reported as English.

    Nova Scotia the most finest Provincial Nominee Program Of Canada. Life in Nova Scotia is quite attractive as it offers great economy, life and family security. As a province of Canada, it is a tolerant, diverse society where everyone is encouraged to build a good life for themselves and become a part of their community.

    Expressway Immigration

    Know how can you migrate Canada Nova Scotia via PNP program 2018, What is Nova Scotia PNP Program Click here for the Free Counseling form

    Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

    Nova Scotia uses the federal government’s Express Entry immigration selection system in order to select candidates for Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry. This stream, which came into effect on January 1, 2015, is for highly-skilled individuals with a post-secondary education and qualifications that will help them successfully settle in Nova Scotia.

    The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) is an application process of two levels for obtaining permanent resident visa of Canada.

    Level 1: Nova Scotia Nominee Program Application

    Once made the mindset to work and settle permanently in Nova Scotia, apply the required application forms supported by the documentation and submit the entire application package to Nova Scotia office of Immigration. The processing time is maximum three months or more for the eligible applications.

    Level 2: Application for Canadian Citizenship and Immigration for Permanent Resident Visa

    After being nominated by Nova Scotia, apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for permanent resident visa. The nomination letter contains the important information about the federal process. The applicant along with his/her spouse and dependents must meet requirements for medical, security and criminal admissibility, and in some cases you may be asked to go for an interview. CIC has the final authority to issue a permanent resident visa.

    Opportunity Occupations

    The following occupation list represents professions where there may be employment opportunities in Nova Scotia. The occupations are classified with National Occupational Classification (NOC). The NOC helps determine whether a job meets the skill levels established for skilled and semi-skilled occupations, and whether the candidate’s qualifications and experience match the requirements of the job.

    In your application to NSOI under this category you will need to demonstrate that you:

    • performed the actions described in the lead statements for the occupation as set out in the occupational description of the NOC; and
    • performed a substantial number of the main duties, including all of the essential duties, of the occupation as set out in the occupational description of NOC.

    Occupation titleNOCSkill level
    Financial Auditors and Accountants1111A
    Other financial officers1114A
    Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations1123A
    Administrative assistants1241B
    Accounting and related clerks1311B
    Civil engineers2131A
    Information systems analysts and consultants2171A
    Computer programmers and interactive media development2174A
    Computer network technicians2281B
    User support technicians2282B
    Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses3012A
    Licensed practical nurses3233B
    College and other vocational instructors4021A
    Paralegal and related occupations4211B
    Social and community service workers4212B
    Financial sales representatives6235B

    Minimum Requirements for Applicants

    In order to be eligible for Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry, candidates must:

    • Have a foreign diploma, certificate, or credential and its educational credential equivalency assessment by a designated body or a Canadian educational credential;
    • Have one year of full-time, or part-time equivalent, paid work experience in the last six years in an NOC Skill Type 0, Skill Level A or B occupation; and
    • Meet the minimum language proficiency threshold – currently Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 (i.e., 6 in Each module) in all four language components (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) in either English demonstrated by language test results from a designated agency:
    • IELTS (General Training only)for English;