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      To apply for this visa, you’ll need to be working in a job on the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and be able to meet the skill assessment requirements for your occupation. Eligibility for the 189 visa is based on a point score, taking into account age, qualifications, work experience and English competence.

      As you are working in a role on this list you don’t need sponsorship from a relative or state, and you can live in any part of the country.

      We have years of experience guiding people through their skill assessment for the skilled independent 189 visa. Whatever your profession – IT, nursing, engineering, for example – we’ll ensure you have all the support you need to lodge a successful visa application.


      • You and your partner can work in any job on arrival
      • You can study at one of Australia’s fantastic schools or universities
      • You can start your journey towards Australian citizenship
      • You can sponsor others during their own permanent residency applications
      • You’ll receive subsidised healthcare through Medicare

      Your family members such as :

      • Spouse or de-facto partner
      • Dependent children
      • Dependent family members like parents or other family members who are financially dependent on you. Can also be included in the application for permanent residency in Australia.

      A bridging visa is issued to the applicants whose application is submitted with the Department of Immigration. This enables candidates to stay and work in Australia while their skilled independent visa application is processed. Candidates can apply from within Australia or from foreign soil.

      A Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 enables candidates to
      The Australia Skilled independent (subclass 189) visa is a permanent residence visa, and there are many exciting benefits you and your family can enjoy. This visa let you to:

      • Live and work and Study in Australia indefinitely
      • Enroll in Australian universities and institutions
      • Avail social welfare and healthcare programs.
      • Citizenship is given after 3 years of PR
      • Sponsor relatives for permanent residency in Australia

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