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    Students, who intend to study abroad, cannot travel to another country with visit visa or skilled worker visa. If you are planning on studying abroad, there are few important things you need to consider to avoid unnecessary hurdles during the entire process. Studying overseas, certainly, is one of the most incredible experiences, but it requires a lot of research and planning.

    Student Visa is a legitimate way to study abroad and it not only gives you a chance to study in the most prestigious institutes around the world but also enhances your future prospects.

    Getting Student visa from India is not tough but you have to fulfill certain criteria for this purpose. If you are one of the aspiring students who is longing to go abroad for higher studies, you should know the benefits of a student Visa with reference to numerous study destinations.

    Following are the advantages of Study Visa.

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    Earn While Studying

    While studying abroad, it is possible to work for specific hours throughout the week. Apart from this, students are free to work full-time and earn handsome amount during weekends. So, student visa also confers upon you the right to work and earn while studying in most of the developed countries.

    A Pathway to Get Permanent Residence

    It is possible to obtain a permanent residence of a country where you have studied for a particular period. This is one of the most desired benefits of a Student Visa. However, in order to gain permanent residence, the student must complete the course of study.

    Plan your Study Abroad

    Planning your study abroad start by deciding your study destination, selecting suitable courses offered by different colleges and universities, short listing college based on your course preference, understanding other requirements to apply for the invitation, such as exams you should take, etc. CNRM assist you with all that you need, to accomplish your dream for higher studies in world’s top colleges. We will alert you of the most popular fields to study and help you find the best course for your needs, assist you with the leading destinations and help you in understanding the facts and misconceptions about studying abroad which most students, often leave out to explore before committing to a decision.

    Know all about Visa Processing

    Understanding the application process is the next crucial step, once you are through with selecting the specific course. After the appropriate counseling session, we will assist you out with the proper approach to apply for a college, guide you with varied financing options, getting student visa and pre-departure checklist as well as in understanding the exemplary insight and guidelines to adapt and excel in the foreign land.

    How can we help you?

    Expressway immigration Consultancy Services was established with the sole purpose of providing quality guidance and services to those who intend to study, work or settle down abroad. With years of experience and thousands of successful testimonies in the field, we assure you of the best possible visa services with the most professional approach.

    We have the best team of counselors and advisors in our staff to guide the prospective students with various study abroad programs that will not only meet their academic needs, but also, their personal requirements. From helping the students in finding the best course, submitting university applications, understanding the visa requirements and helping them in preparing for life in the new destination, Expressway immigration Consultancy Services helps you in totality.